At Spot Marketing Group we strive to provide an all-in-one solution for you and your business.


Digital signage is a remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content on networks of displays. It is the key to extending the reach of your business. Digital Signage gives your company the power to boldly display your news, menu, specials or promotions.


Need to Make Information Public? Printed or digital for distribution or sale? Our team will take your publication from an idea to a ‘ready- to publish’ format. With professional layout, imagery, graphic design, content writing and distribution our team will take you there.


Having a roadmap is the key to marketing success.

We create marketing plans that are measurable, and we make decisions based on analytics and our expertise. We can help your business define and execute a marketing plan that works for you.

Grow your leads with SOCIAL MEDIA


We make content work for you. We are passionate and committed to creating specific content that drives leads to your business. Our content specialist knows how to attract leads and convert them to customers.

Let us write your way to success.

Translation SERVICES

We offer French translation so that your business can connect with potential clients all across our country!


Spot Marketing Group is also able to handle all your print and promotional needs. Through our sister division “G&L Printing and Promotional Services” we can provide affordable print and promotional product services.


Let us take your project vision and make it a reality. We are ready for any size or type of marketing/business project that needs help. It’s ok to hand it over, we are waiting to produce results for you!


Public Relations is much more than just writing a press release. Having a partner maximize media relations, events, award opportunities and other PR related activities in conjunction with a major release can give you a leg up as you launch your product or services.