Your Guide to Building Infographics


What do we want out of customers the most? Of course, we want their business, but we also want to be of value to them. We blog weekly to educate, inform and entertain our audience. So here is your guide to building infographics.

Sometimes it takes using different forms of content to catch attention, especially in these summer months where most of us would rather be outside playing and not at our computers reading.

We like to use infographics every now and then to offer a story in a colourful way. One that may have quick and interesting facts. Some people are very visual learners, so we help them out too!

Have you ever made an infographic before? There are some great tools available and we have put together a guide to help you along.
First of all,  learn a little bit more about infographics and why they are so great for your business with this … infographic.

mammoth 1

Canva : Hands down my favourite site to build, design and play with fonts, pics, icons and templates. Canva is extremely popular and welcomed for it’s easy to use system with lots of drag and drop tools.

Infogram: Your place to make charts! There are more than 30 different charts to choose from and editing data is easy. They are beautifully designed

Visme: For presentations, infographics and other engaging content go here! You can edit a placeholder template or insert your own.

Piktochart: “Take your visual communication to the next level, without hiring a professional designer.” Lots of freedom in building and editing with simple tools.

Venngage: They stick to only infographics and you can make one in three easy steps.