Yearly Website Review


As the end of the year approaches now is the perfect time to review your website and set out some goals for next year. Let’s walk through a quick website review to see if you have accomplished your 2016 goals. We are going to look at five main areas: Demographics, Content, Traffic Sources, Engagement, and Search Terms. You can use the data from whichever analytics tool is setup on your website; we use Google Analytics.


Based on the information Google already has of your website visitors it can track the age and gender of your visitors. These stats give you a quick look to see if your site is getting to your ideal clients or customers. If you are attracting the wrong demographic it is going to affect how people use your site. You will likely have a high bounce rate because your visitors are not interested in your products or offerings.


Take a look at your page stats and all of the content that was published on your site or blog over the past year. Which pages and articles received the most traffic? Which ones did not perform well? Which ones were shared the most on social media? What type of media performed the best this year (blog, podcast, images, infographics, video)? Looking at these stats gives you a very clear picture of what your clients are looking for when they come to your website. It also shows you what type of information resonates the most with them.

Traffic Sources

Your traffic sources show you how people are getting to your site. There are three types: Direct, Organic, and Referral. Direct Traffic is the visitors to your site that entered your specific URL to get to your site. Organic Traffic is all your traffic that comes from search engines. Referral Traffic is when your visitors come from another website to your site. These stats will show you if your marketing initiatives have been effective. For example, if you ran a Facebook ad campaign but your referral traffic from Facebook is low then the campaign was not effective.


We don’t spend a lot of time here, but your engagement stats outline how long your visitors stay on your site. If your stats show more than 50% of visitors spend 1-10 seconds on your site, you are losing their interest almost immediately. You have to ensure to make a great first impression to capture them and get them to stay longer and view more pages.

Search Terms

2016 has been an interesting year for keywords, either you have spent a lot of time finding the right keywords or you have completely ignored them because you haven’t seen any positive ROI from them. Google put out a few updates this year that completely changed the way keywords affect your search ranking. Google favours longer content that provides useful information around the specific keywords. Furthermore, users are searching using longer keywords or phrases and often use questions. By enabling Google Webmaster Tools on your site you can get a list of all the keywords your site ranks for and how often people have clicked on your site for each keyword.

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