How to Write a Blog Post for Your Company


First – before you write anything always have a coffee!

I have read, written and edited a lot of blog posts in the last year. You may have dabbled in writing, written a book or simply know that your business needs a blog.

Blogging for your business is smart, productive and effective.

The most important thing about creating content for your audience, is knowing them. Who are you writing to and how will your post help them? Will it educate them, add value to their business or even entertain them so they remember you.

The next most important part of writing – is standing out from the crowd. What voice are you bringing to represent your company? What angle are you taking in the story? While there is a lot of content online – try your best to be yourself and connect with your audience the way you want to.

Besides the above-mentioned elements of a great blog for your business, there are other pieces you will need to make the most out of your writing.


  1. An attention grabber

Your opening paragraph and headline should entice your readers to want more. It’s the hook that gets them in to the rest of your post. Most readers are busy people who need you to attract their attention immediately before they will commit to reading an entire post. Play around with headlines and opening sentences. If you really need help try CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer!


  1. A picture worth all your words

Your blog post absolutely needs an image associated with it. What do you want your image to say about your post? What emotion are you trying to create for your reader? Images are also a boost for your SEO – through using keywords on your title tags and descriptions you will notice a boost in traffic from doing so. Be sure to use high-resolution photos and create the perfect size for social media sharing. We use 1200×630 as our standard size on all blog posts and it shares really well.

To create the easiest and most attractive images for your post you Canva.


  1. To the point!

Don’t go on and on about nothing! Be clear, concise and to the point. You have something to say, so take the time to really be clear and focused. Less is more.


  1. Facts and Figures

When you use facts or figures to describe or drive home your point you must reference it. This will give your readers a sense of assurance that you know what you’re talking about. If you are using customer testimonials or expert quotes you need to use proper quotations and names associated with the quote as well.

  1. Readability

When someone glances at your post the structure should be in a format that is easy to read. There is no “one type” of structure as you will see in all blogs they are often unique to their own. But, there needs to be short paragraphs, subheadings, lists, bolds, and italics. Anything that changes up the text and catches the readers attention.

Besides all the brainstorming, erasing and rewriting that goes into blogging – knowing these five key tips will help you be successful in writing for your business which will also make you successful!