Why Using A Small Agency Is Big For Bottom Line


Good things come in small packages. Big business knows this and is why they often prefer to work with smaller marketing agencies when the following points are considered.
Why would a well established, large company want to mix and mingle with the little guys?
Well interestingly enough, there are a whole lot of reasons. Here are the ones we believe to be true…

More to lose
The small agency needs the reputation of working for a big brand, so they will want the relationship to work out well. They have a lot more on the line than a bigger agency who will have many prospects and customers.
A lot of cutting edge personalities make the niche market that small agencies are known for. Big Brands may find this refreshing and choose to use a small agency for a very specific type of project.
Ambitious Leaders
Smaller agencies are often lead by driven leaders who have everything on the line to prove and conquer. Not that big agencies don’t but a project from a big brand can make a significant contribution to a small agency’s bottom line.
Reasonable Deadlines
With less on their plate, it is more likely a smaller agency will have the actual ability to meet your specific deadlines and still manage their other projects.
Smaller agencies believe culture is a priority in how they run their business. In a small agency, there are more risk takers, greater team spirit, and a common goal to succeed for survival. Big brands won’t find this in a larger agency set with internal politics and stuffiness.
Fresh Ideas
A smaller team can often bend more to achieve what a big brand is looking for, offering up fresh and current marketing ideas.
Not by age, but by tradition. Smaller agencies can bend easier, whereas a lot of bigger companies are tied to a hierarchy of rules and regulations.
Smaller Projects
Smaller projects don’t require big agency rates. A small marketing agency would happily take on a big brand’s small projects and be able to finish the job.

This is great news for smaller agencies looking for their place with big brands. Pitching these ideas to your next big client will help plant the idea that you and your agency were born ready to excel in delivering greatness.