Why to Start an Inbound Marketing Campaign


Consumer behaviour has changed, buying habits have altered, and marketing efforts need to adapt. Inbound marketing is the new, more efficient way to deal with this shift in consumer behaviour.

Today the average consumer has become much smarter. With a world of information, consumers can find almost anything with a simple search and educate themselves as freely and as often as they’d like.

What does this behavioural shift mean for marketers? It means we have to change our methods. We have to be out with the old, and in with the new.

The Old: Outbound Marketing 

A one way street of in your face communication between brands and consumers. In simplest terms, that’s what outbound marketing is. Advertising to a mass audience and hoping to capture a small percentage of people is the main goal. Outbound marketing isn’t nearly as targeted, or selective as inbound marketing. This is why people have a problem with outbound marketing, because it’s intrusive, not relevant, and even annoying at times which makes it easy for consumers to ignore. Whether it’s radio, direct mail, TV advertising, or cold calling, it can all be over looked and neglected. The reason behind this neglect is because consumers are constantly bombarded, harassed, and saturated with ads all day long. In fact, almost 80% of people wish they could filter out or block ads they don’t wish to see. This constant batter of ads becomes overwhelming, which makes people start to ignore the calls, trash emails, or turn off the TV, just to get some piece of mind. Now a days, if a consumer wants to be informed about a product or service they will go out and do the research to educate themselves and find a solution tailored to them.

So if your customers are just ignoring your ads, how do you get them to know about you and your business? If you haven’t guessed it by now, the answer is inbound marketing.

The New: Inbound Marketing 

The strategy that is all about drawing customers in, providing value, and putting yourself in front of potential buyers at just the right time. Inbound marketing focuses around SEO, content marketing, blogging, and using social media to advertise. The goal is to provide value for your unique customer throughout their research process, which benefits and nurtures them until they are sale ready. Inbound marketing is about selectively targeting your ideal buyers who will genuinely be interested. So why choose inbound?

Here’s Why:

Now that you know just how important having an Inbound Marketing strategy is, stay tuned for our upcoming blogs that will walk you through the steps of how to set up your own inbound campaign!

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