What is Social Media Engagement?


It’s common for companies to be active on social media but not know how to properly measure if their strategies are being successful. This is where measuring your engagement, knowing what it is, and how to improve it comes in handy.

What is Social Media Engagement: 

In simplest terms, Social Media Engagement is how well your followers are interacting with you, your brand, and your posts. It can be shown through:

  • Likes and retweets
  • Mentions and replies
  • Shares and link clicks
  • Comments and more

Is Engagement Important?

Of course it is! Engagement tells you how many of your followers are seeing and clicking into the posts you’re sharing. If no one engaged with your posts you would be sending out messages and promotions that no one would see. Your brand awareness would be little, and your reach would be close to none. Luckily, many of social media’s most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have built in tracking tools where you can analyze your engagement along with other metrics to help you pin point what posts are reacting well with your followers, and what ones are getting the cold shoulder.

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Things to Remember:

Social Media is not only about selling your business and promoting whatever new sales your company has, but also having two way interactions with customers to develop relationships, build trust and brand loyalty. It is about dealing with complaints, solving customer problems and questions, and recognizing your followers. Most of the time when consumers engage with brands on social media it is usually for one of the two reasons:

  1. They are interested in the brand and there is something in it for them
  2. Or something negative with the brand has impacted the consumer and they are ready to publicly share their story all over Twitter and Facebook.

I’m sure you know what side of the scale it is better to be on, and that’s why it is so important to create valuable and exciting content that your followers will want to engage in, like, retweet and share with their friends. After all, the more engagement your posts receive, the more reach your message and your brand are getting. And when the time comes to deal with customer questions and problems, answer them ASAP and be as helpful as possible to maintain good relationships, and develop loyalty. After all, the higher amount of happier customers you have, the higher engagement you’ll get, and the more you’ll messages will get across.

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