Visme Review: An Online Visual Marketing Presentation Tool


“Speak loudly, speak visually, and engage your audience with powerful visual stories”. These are the ideas behind Visme, an online visual marketing presentation tool that gives users the power to create everything from banner ads, to digital presentations, to infographics, to social media images, and more. 

Visual mediums such as these, have not only taken the web by storm over the last couple of years, but have also become a pillar for bloggers, marketers and some of the biggest companies in the world to lean on to in order to explain, process, simplify information, and drive home facts and stats to their target audience. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Take infographics as an example. The aim for marketers has always been to make relevant information more snazzy and approachable, and infographics have now become the world’s chosen method of doing that. Just take a look at some of our content offers and blogs, we love our infographics and know how powerful they can be.

Before I get into the review of Visme, let me take a quick minute and explain how 1. I stumbled upon Visme, and 2. Was able to maintain a free premium membership.

  1. A couple weeks ago I was in the process of creating a handful of infographics, presentations, and social media images, and I was tired of using the same tools, styles, and so on. Therefore, I did what everyone does when they discover they have a problem – I googled it. Visme was the first non-advertised page that popped up, so I clicked it, signed up for a quick free account, and haven’t looked back since.
  2. After creating a few infographics, social media images, and more, someone from Visme reached out to me and told me they loved our blogs and graphics, and wanted to offer me a free upgrade to a premium account. Pretty sweet right? In return for my new premium account, they asked me if I would be willing to give them a review. And since they helped me out, I decided I would do the same – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Now that you know the backstory, I’ll dive into the review, and touch on a handful of key points and let you know how Visme stacks up upon the other online visual presentation tools I use.

Initial Thoughts & Getting Started

Visme had a very warm feel to its website. Right off the bat I could see they had a large variety of templates, and offered multiple solutions I could use.

After filling out a quick form (email address or signing in with facebook) and signing up for an account, I was immediately taken to their dashboard. Once here, I was able to decide what I wanted to create, and what template (if any) I wanted to use to get started.

The dashboard is clean, simple and organized and offers a wide variety of templates you can use to get you started – which made it easy for me to begin creating. You can begin to create a presentation, infographic, banner ad (also includes social media templates), or even start one from scratch.

I’ll now take you through the different types of projects, how they work, the pros and cons, and whether I actually enjoyed using them.


First up is the infographics – the most popular thing I create. With a free Visme account you’re given about 15-20 free templates to work with, compared to the thousands you’re given on a premium account. This was a huge drawback for me. Don’t get me wrong, their 20 templates are all great, and offer a wide variety from reports, to informational, and even how to guides, but for me at least, I create infographics for multiple companies and they all have to look unique, feel different, and have that eye catching appeal. So with that being said, 20 templates just wont do it and without my premium account I would not be satisfied.

But regardless of the type membership, simply clicking on any template gets you started and you’re taken right to their interactive, and responsive interface. From here you can begin customizing the template to your liking whether it’s changing the background, adding different shapes and text boxes, adding data widgets and graphs or even uploading your own images or icons.

Within minutes, I had my first infographic created and Visme’s drag and drop selection made it very easy for a non designer like myself to create a professional looking infographic. Remember, infographics are only as good as the visuals found within them and thankfully, Visme has a wide coverage with thousands and thousands of free images and a wide range of background types, shapes, vector icons, graphs and charts.

My one drawback while creating infographics in Visme is that their is no auto alignment. Some of the other data visualization tools I have used (such as Canva) have an automatic alignment option to let you know when your images, text, or shapes are either perfectly centred in the page or aligned with one another.

But all in all, Visme’s features made it very easy for me to enjoy and create some awesome infographics, and is definitely something I would recommend if you’re looking for a quick, eye catching way to engage your own audience. Although, I would recommend getting a premium membership if you are going to be constantly creating as you will get more features, templates, and more customization options.

Overall Infographic Review Score for free account: 6/10.

Overall Infographic Review Score for premium account: 10/10

Need help creating infographics? Read our free guide! 


I’m not going to lie here. Visme is great and the presentation templates are all stunning, but I’m still a PowerPoint guy. But of course, I still gave it a shot, because Visme does offer a wide variety like I’ve never seen before. So if you’re looking for a PowerPoint alternative, or just looking to make your presentations stand out, Visme might be right up your alley.

The customization features for presentations are the same as the ones found when creating an infographic, which I listed above. The same drag-and-drop interface is used, and everything runs just as smoothly.

The only major difference here, is that you’re working on slides instead of a longer canvas. Naturally, this means you can add new slides too, which are all available with a click of a button.

Visme gives you a preview of your slides in the sidebar, and allows you to quickly delete slides, duplicate them and even hide them from view. Plus, you can configure settings to do with transitions between slides.

All in all this presentation is a great feature, and Visme did a great job putting this in there and giving users a wide variety of professional looking templates, but unfortunately isn’t something I would regularly use on Visme.

Overall Presentation Review Score: 8/10

Banner Ads & Social Media Images

Visme’s last feature allows you to create a wide range of banner ads and social media images. As you can see from the pictures below, there is a ton of professional looking templates to choose from that are all as easily customizable just like their infographics and presentations.

The same features apply, and you simply drag and drop to create your own custom banner ad or social media image. I was impressed with all of the different sizes and layouts Visme had. You can tell they thought this section out and provided multiple templates to fit customized websites. The ability to create social media images was also a great feature, but I was hoping for more. Visme offers templates for Facebook only. And although there’s a good variety of Facebook covers, ads, and images, I was hoping to see the same thing for other popular social media platforms. If our company was only on Facebook, then this wouldn’t be a problem, but being active on other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, I was hoping to be able to create all of my social media images in one place. A direct competitor such as Canva offers this and more, which puts Visme far behind in the social media category (see image below). Overall a job well done once again for Visme, but an addition of more social media templates would go along way. 

Overall Banner Ad Review Score: 9/10

Overall Social Media Images Review Score: 6/10


Often the most deciding factor for everything business related – the price. Visme offers four different plans: basic, standard, complete and a team package. Below you can see the breakdown of the plans and the exact features that come with each. 

Visme is in line with other online visualization tools such as Canva, that I have also attached for a comparison.

In my opinion, Canva gives you more bang for your buck, even with the free version. Visme’s free version gives you only 3 projects, where Canva’s free plan gives you unlimited and over 8000 templates to choose from (Even more than Visme’s next best plan – only 15 templates!). Canva also lets you work with 10 team members and lets you save your creations as any file type you desire. With Visme’s limitations as JPG and PNG only on a free version, it causes serious limitations. For example I created an infographic on my free account, went to download it, and could only save it as a JPG. Therefore zooming in on it made it blurry and no use to me. So sorry Visme, Canva takes the cake when it comes to pricing. 

Overall Pricing Review Score: 5/10 – Canva gives you more for less which makes it hard to give Visme anything higher than a 5; and that’s being generous. 

Pros of Visme

  • Visme allows you to create beautiful presentations, infographics and banner ads quickly and easily.
  • Plenty of Infographic and Banner ad templates, all of which look highly professional – comes in handy for non-designers.
  • The editor interface is sleek and very user friendly. At the same time, it’s packed with lots of features.
  • Simple drag-and-drop designing.
  • Huge range of free images, fonts, icons and infographic visuals.
  • Versatile data widgets and graphs
  • Objects can be animated & given special effects.
  • Visme is still affordable, even for startups without many pennies to spare.

Cons of Visme

  • Basic plan offers limited designs & projects where competitors like Canva doesn’t
  • The dashboard and menus aren’t quite as snazzy as those offered by competitors. As a result, it doesn’t quite feel like a proper premium tool until you start editing.
  • No alignment option (Canva has this option)
  • What you pay for a premium membership on Visme is equaled to a free Canva account.

Final Verdict

Visme is a great online visual marketing tool, and it only took me minutes to begin created some snazzy designs. It has a wide range of eye-catching templates, and is a handy tool to have in your marketing arsenal. But unfortunately it still does not stack up against a company like Canva. In my opinion, I prefer Canva’s free account over Visme’s complete account (the one I currently have). I mean look at all the templates Canva offers:

Once you click on the document you want, there is about 100 more free templates to choose from. (Aka blows Visme out the water).

As previously mentioned, infographics are a booming content type at the moment, and Visme is a good way for you and your company to jump on the bandwagon. Visme still has some work to do, and needs to offer more for less to complete with competitors like Canva, but none the less is a great tool.

In conclusion, my first go with Visme was a great experience and I would recommend it if you’re looking to create any sort of professional looking design. Canva is still my go to online visualization tool, but you never know what the future holds.

Overall Visme Review Score: 8/10

Thanks again Visme, and well done – I thoroughly enjoyed all your amazing templates.