Using Visuals to Engage Your Audience


Using only words in your social media posts just isn’t going to cut it, and it certainly wont keep your readers engaged and your followers involved – no matter how slick you are with your words. This is why incorporating visuals into your posts is so important – photos get you a higher engagement, are more likely to get shared, and therefore boost your brands awareness and your ability to get your message across. 

But how do you properly and effectively incorporate visuals into your posts?  

Here are some great tips and ideas on how to engage your audience by integrating images into your social media strategy:

Use Hashtag Campaigns

Combining hashtags and visuals is one of the best ways to improve your engagement as they are both known to increase the shares, views, and interactions of your posts. Combining these two engagement boosters gives you the ability to dictate what you want your customers to talk about by creating the hashtag, what you want them to do and how you want them to get involved by creating the contest.

Here is a great example of a hashtag campaign done by RedBull, where users had to show them putting their cans of RedBull in unique places and take creative photos and use the hashtag: #PutACanOnIt.

Show Company Culture:

Consumers can now find anything they desire online, and therefore it is important for your company to be transparent and show off it’s best side on social media. You can show behind the scenes look of your office, an accomplishment your business just achieved, or even a team picture. In doing this you will be adding a human element to your brand and providing your followers a sense of originality, and authenticity which will compel them to engage with your profile more often.

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Share Quotes:

Sharing quotes that reflect your brand provides little snippets for your followers to better understand who you are, what you like, and what inspires you and your company. Quotes are some of the most popular visuals on social media today and I bet if you looked on social media right now you could find one in seconds. Here is an example of what most quote visuals look like on social media today:

Promote Blog Posts:

This one is a must if your company has a blog (which every business should). When sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever platform you use, make sure you’re using an eye catching image to encourage people to read your post. Canva is a great and easy tool to create these blog images, and has many different templates and designs to choose from. 

Share Tips, Tricks and Facts:

Whatever industry you’re in or who your customers are, you will likely have a handful of neat tricks and helpful facts that you can share with them. These tips don’t always have to be created into a lengthy blog posts, but can be turned into a quick pleasing visual that your audience will be thankful for and engage in.

Take Advantage of Current Trends/Events:

Keeping up to date with trends and the latest happenings around the world is what social media is all about. Staying informed and capitalizing on trends will help increase your engagement because your content will be relevant to events currently happening. Here is an example of a great idea from Starbucks on how they used Friendship Day to create a stunning and trendy visual: