Using Inbound Marketing for Your Small Business


On the corner of Yummy and Delicious there’s a bakery. It’s called Christine’s Custom Cupcakes. Christine has been struggling to find new customers. She has some great regulars, but in a big town she feels like there should be more.

Christine spends a lot of time printing flyers, making radio ads, and even telling everyone about her business. It’s exhausting. What if Christine didn’t have to beat her customers over the head, what if there was another way.


If you’re a small business owner you need to sit down. This is going to be good news. You’re doing everything wrong.
The good, no the great news is that we have the answers to make it all better. Your customers have problems. You have the solutions. Customers want to be educated. They want to know why they need something before they choose your specific product or service.
This is your chance to shine.
 Let’s say Christine’s Cupcakes wants everyone to buy only their cupcakes, a pretty good assumption.The old way of selling would be to talk all about how great Christine is as a baker, and why her cupcakes are the best. The new way is to talk about why people need and want cupcakes at all.
Christine needs to follow the steps of INBOUND


Now, while I’m sure everyone is delighted with cupcakes you still need to attract strangers who haven’t heard of you.
So how do you do that?
Christine needs to educate people about cupcakes, and why they need to have some.
She needs to attract people in a new way.
Christine should start a blog about baking. On the blog she should write all the wonderful things about cupcakes. She could share recipes, pictures, and reasons why cupcakes are amazing (because face it, they are,) but not about her business itself. Once she attracts a customer, that customer starts to trust the blog. They’ve been wanting some ideas on an upcoming baby shower and think cupcakes would be a great dessert.
On the blog they see a “Free Recipe Ideas for Parties” eBook. This is where Christine wants to CONVERT her lead by offering something in return for the lead’s email address.
This gives Christine a chance to then follow through with a “thank you” email and more information or upsell more services to the customer. When the customer buys custom cupcakes from Christine, she has CLOSED the deal.
The DELIGHTful part is when the customer comes to get her cupcakes, she buys something else at the bakery and shares her experience with friends on Christine’s Facebook Page.

 Easy as pie…or cake – right?

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