Why Treating Your Audience Like Cats Gets Results


Things aren’t what they used to be – especially for companies trying to attract customers, bring in and nurture leads, or even trying to get their voice heard.

But why?

Because technology has advanced and turned your audience into a herd of cats.

That’s why. Let me explain.

In today’s digital world, the average consumer has become much smarter. With a world of information, consumers can find almost anything with a simple search and educate themselves as freely, and as often as they’d like. Consumers now crave content. They need to research before they buy something and are looking for companies to educate them. This can be done through blogs, content downloads, free resources, or even a simple email.

But what does this behavioural shift mean for companies and people trying to market their business? It means we have to change our methods and start treating our audience like friggen cats.

Here is how you treat your audience like cats, and get results:

Understand Your Audience

Dogs are great. They provide unconditional love and unwavering loyalty. Hanging out with your dog is like hanging out in the ultimate no judgement zone. Want to lay on the couch all day? Great! Want to run a 5K? Great! Dogs didn’t get the title ‘man’s best friend’ by being manipulative creatures that only bear a semblance of affection for personal gain. No, that’s the cat’s job. (If you happen to be a cat lover, please just bear with me through the metaphor.)

Cats are aloof. They value their independence and learn from past experiences. They do not respond well to commands. If you give a cat a new toy, nine times out of 10 that cat will walk the other way and then make eye contact with you as it plays with a different object of its choosing. Ouch. In this scenario, the cat has all the control, and you are left feeling hurt and powerless.

This cat is your audience.

Your audience is not like the family dog. It will not love you unconditionally. It will not wait patiently for you to send a new email, release a new product or service and bark with delight each time you have a new sale. No, your audience is cautious and temperamental, but for good reason.

The past decade has taught consumers that if they provide personal information, companies will spam their inboxes, hoard space on their social feeds, and intrude on every facet of their digital lives. (And sadly, most companies still do, but that’s okay for us because we know exactly what NOT to do).

Our company realized that a one way street of in your face communication between brands and consumers was not going to work. In simplest terms, outbound marketing was not a strategy we needed. We did not want to advertise to a mass audience and hope to capture a small percentage of people. No, what we wanted to do was draw customers in, provide value for them, and put ourselves in their line of sight. Our goal was to provide value for our unique customer throughout their research process, which benefits and nurtures them until they are sale ready – We didn’t want to give our cats the toy just yet.


Treat audience like cats.


If I treat my audience like cats, I will see increased results such as:
– Increased website & blog traffic
– Increased conversion rates & downloads
– And increased open rates, just to name a few.


How did we plan to ‘treat our audience like cats’? As a cat owner, I know the best way to get a cat interested in an item is to place it in his or her line of sight and then walk away. In most cases, the apparent lack of interest in the item will in turn peak the cat’s curiosity.


By blogging, using social media, educational content offers, and timely / relevant email marketing, we were able to entice our cats and generate 3x the amount of leads.

How did we do it: Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. In today’s digital world, marketing automation is a vital component – especially if you’re looking to treat your audience like cats and get results.

The components of our new digital marketing strategy:

By using our marketing automation software, SharpSpring, we were able to check off all components of our digital marketing strategy except social media where we executed separately. (7/8 Components Covered!)

Here is a look at the power of SharpSpring, and how it helped us get results:

  • Create dynamic blog articles, landing pages and forms for customers to download relevant content to educate them. (all being user friendly and looking great on all devices)
  • Send personalized emails and have the ability to track and score our leads based on behaviour and a full spread of analytics, and more.
  • Create workflows to put our leads through a targeted inbound marketing campaign that will educate them in their desired subjects until they are sale ready, and more.

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Strategy with Automation

After using marketing automation and inbound tactics, we were able to put ourselves in our customers line of sight rather than placing ourselves right in front of them and scaring them off. We began to treat them like cats and let them come to us.

By using educational content, we showed that our true intention was to educate customers and only get into specific details / sale pitches once they were ready. We took them on a journey and in result were able to not only increase the amount of leads that came in, but also our conversion rate to customers – all thanks to inbound marketing and marketing automation.

Remember that just like cats, your audience doesn’t want to be forced to do anything. Stay in their line of site, continually provide value to their lives, and let them come to you.