Top 10 Ways to Engage Your Audience


You have incorporated social media into you’re marketing strategy which means you’re on the right track.

But now that you’re up and running online, it is important to make sure your audience is engaging with you and you’re not firing out messages that go unnoticed.

The higher the engagement of your audience, the more people you will reach, the more your brand will get noticed, and the more your sales will grow.

But generating content that ensures a high engagement isn’t always easy – so here is our top 10 list of ways you can improve your engagement and make sure your audience is taking away what you’re delivering.

1. Offer Contests & Sweepstakes

Who doesn’t love free give aways? Incorporating contests and free prizes into your social media strategy will drastically improve the engagement from your audience. By using contests, you will be able to grow your brand, reach more people, and re-attract users who may have become disengaged. Here are a few examples of some great, inexpensive contests ideas that will help boost your engagement:

  • Have a sweepstake contest and gets users to fill out a form to win a trip somewhere of your choice
  • Get users to like your page and share your post to be entered into a contest to win the prize of your choice
  • Have a photo contest using the hashtag of your choice and select the winner with the best photo and give away a prize of your choice

It doesn’t take much. Contests are an easy way to get your audience involved and boost your engagement. So what are you waiting for? Start thinking of a contest you could run on your social media accounts that will help boost your engagement!

2. Use Infographics, Photos, Videos, and GIF’s

More photos, less text. That is the key of having successful content on social media. On social media, you have to craft your message creatively and get it across fast. Having a tweet, or a post without any images, videos or infographics isn’t necessarily bad, but compared to having them included, you’ll want to start using them. Social media posts that have images, videos, or any sort of graphic are 3 times more likely to be seen, and engaged with than regular posts! Use these elements to help increase your engagement and get more users to click into, read, and take action on your shared content. A couple great sites for creating awesome images, infographics, videos and more include: Canva,, Aviary, and Periscope.

3. Be Social

It isn’t called social media for just any reason. Of course it is okay to post about your company, your promotions, and other related content but it is extremely important to interact with other brands, users, and of course your consumers. After all, no one likes a one sided conversation.

4. Use Social Media Management Tool(s)

With all of the free social media management software out there, why not utilize it to strengthen your social media game? One of the best management tools out there is Sprout Social, which has created a platform that is entirely focused on opening up engagement between brands and their customers in order to build lasting relationships.

Want a Social Media Cheat Sheet to help you take your online strategy to the next level?

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5. Ask Questions

Asking questions makes your audience feel valued and important, which they are, so start asking questions on your social media accounts to interact with your followers. Asking the right questions will help boost your engagement, likes, retweets, and comments. In doing this you will be starting conversations and connecting with users, building your brand, and improving your social media presence and reputation.

6. Make use of Hashtags

Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, or Pinterest, make the most of your hashtags. Hashtags are able to be seen and searched by a public audience – even if they are not following you. According to this article on Inc, incorporating hashtags increases your engagement by 55%. But be careful not to use too many hashtags as it actually can decrease your engagement.

7. Do Survey’s & Polls

One of the most useful ways to increase your engagement. Running surveys and polls lets you learn more about your target market and find out some of their opinions, feelings and get them actively participating with you and your company. And you can even offer an incentive or discount to fill out your survey which will not only boost your engagement like crazy but also help you increase your sales.

8. Post at the Right Time

Certain days, and certain times of the day get the most engagement. For example, did you know posts sent out on Friday afternoon until Sunday night gets the most engagement? It is important to keep these times and days in mind and make sure you’re giving your posts the best chance to be seen. If you want the full details, grab our social media cheat sheet above! There is no doubt that this free, awesome guide will be helpful, and improve your strategy, but remember it is important to test what works for your business and your target market.

9. Solve Customer Problems

No one wants an unhappy customer, and when they voice their complaints on social media it is important to take appropriate measures to solve their problems. Ignoring them will only make it worse, so engage in a way where the end result is a customer who leaves satisfied. Solving these problems is some of the best content you can post on social media as it shows good brand character, and that your business is aiming to build positive relationships with your customers.

10. Post Links to Blog or Other Platforms

Cross promoting your other pages on different networks will only help you grow your social media presence and attract a bigger audience on each one of your accounts. For example, if you have a Facebook and Twitter page don’t be afraid to post a tweet letting your users know something neat you posted on Facebook. Also if you have a blog on your website, make sure you are promoting it and letting your followers know about it in case they don’t visit your website regularly. This will engage your audience by keeping them informed about recent news or interesting findings while also keeping your company top of mind.