Is It Time For a Brand Makeover?


Every season there is a new fashion trend from hairstyles to the boots you wear. You, like most, want to be in the moment and reflect a sense of style. You want people to think you’ve got it going on. Your business needs the same attention. It may need a brand makeover.

Your brand is your business’s identity. It’s your logo, colours and message – it’s how people recognize you for who you are and what you stand for.

Sometimes we neglect to refresh or tweak our brand and it gets old or outdated. Sometimes it needs a complete overhaul to breathe new life into your business.


What’s wrong with keeping everything the same?

  • People will think your brand is outdated and associate that with your service or products
  • People will confuse you with what you really offer
  • People will think you don’t really care about your image


What happens when you update your brand?

  • You keep the existing integrity of your brand
  • Charge up new energy into your business
  • Ensures your business is on trend
  • Reaches new customers


By simply conducting a brand makeover you can see the desired results your company needs.


But how do you know it’s time?


  • Outdated: When you created your logo, I’m sure it was top-notch. It was a reflection of its time. Well time has passed and you need to make some minor adjustments. Your image needs to be current, your customers expect that.
  • New Services or Products: Perhaps you’ve expanded your line of services or products and you need to include that in your messaging or even name of your business. For example, maybe you started out as a Photographer but now do video and animation. You need to let everyone know your changes.
  • Inconsistent: are you using the same logo everywhere, on all your promotional items including website and business cards? If not you need to be. Don’t have two taglines – have one. Don’t have different colours on everything – choose your colours and only use them
  • Audience isn’t finding you: you have a target audience that you want to attract. You need to produce the correct message and update your logo or branding to reflect who your audience is.
  • You’re prepping to expand: If business is growing in the near future, reassess your brand to see if it’s ready to come with you.


How to Update Your Brand

  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel : You don’t need to come up with an entire new brand or colour palette. You do need to modernize logos and messages.
  • Challenge: you may be quite attached to your branding, and feel it doesn’t need any changes at all…challenge yourself to seek a designer and get some quotes and advice.
  • Time: take your time in reexamining your brand. Develop a plan and a budget. Use test groups or consultants and use the feedback wisely.