Being on the marketing side of things, I often wonder about my friends in sales. Yes, I said friends. I am lucky enough to work in a “Smarketing” environment. Smarketing is the alignment of Sales and Marketing. Or for another definition read Hubspot’s in less than a hundred words. Like when your mom used to make you and your siblings hug it out. We hug it out.

Oddly, not a lot of companies run this way. There is a long history of marketing and sales butting heads, not appreciating each other and causing a lag in actual productive results. With Inbound Marketing, the two work so much better together, and this will hopefully become the norm of any marketing and sales team.

Marketing’s job is to attract and nurture qualified leads. We need to learn about their likes and dislikes, get inside their heads. If we feel they are ready, we pass them off to Sales. We do this so Sales isn’t bogged down with time wasters. If we do our job well, Sales already has a lead that is interested in hearing more. This is where Sales can invest their mad skills and turn that warm lead into a hot customer.

Why is it important to run your entire team together and cohesively?

Well because when everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction, you get to your targeted destination quicker, and feel the gratification of a job well done.
Think about it…everyone at the company benefits from sales coming in. Everyone gets paid. So when marketing and sales work together, it just flows better.

Getting your team to a “smarketing” mindset can be done simply by communication. Have meetings together, introduce each role and how it affects the sales funnel, use a common language, set smart goals. When each side realizes how much they need one another the desire to get along, and produce results will foster an environment of growth, happier employees and valuable leads.