Setting up Your Inbound Campaign


If you’ve decided or have even thought about starting your own inbound marketing campaign, you are on the right path. Inbound marketing campaigns will help your business attract more prospects, generate more leads, and help satisfy the needs of your potential buyers.

But you know that already, so lets dive into what it takes to set up an inbound campaign.

The 4 Key Components to Setting Up Your Inbound Campaign:


Step 1: Develop Buyer Personas

Your buyer persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. Having this in-depth knowledge of your customers will let you understand their pain points, which will help you create valuable content that will satisfy their wants and needs. Failing to recognize and create buyer personas for your business will lead your campaign astray and ultimately make all of your hard work go to waste.

For more information and tips to developing buyer personas for your business, click here.

Step 2: Create Offer(s)

Once you have determined who you want to target, the next step is creating an enticing offer. Inbound marketing campaigns revolve around offers. Your offer needs to drive conversations, attract leads, and really cement your business as a leader in the consumers mind. For inbound campaigns, it is common to have at least 4-5 different offers. This makes it so you have something to offer your potential buyers throughout every stage of their buying journey.

Each stage needs different types of offers, so make sure you are including a variety of offers to nurture your leads completely down the sales funnel.

  • Offers for the early stages in the buying process are the informative, general purpose content that is easily available to your customers without them having to provide any sort of commitment.
    • It is all your blogs, articles, videos, infographics, or anything else that suits your company that is available to any website visitor or social media follower.
  • Middle of the stage offers require customers to provide a small commitment. In exchange for information (name, email address, contact number, etc.) you provide customers valuable, free content such as:
    • eBooks, catalogs, guides, white papers, webinars etc.
  • Offers for the home stretch of the buying process are meant to be the final nudge to turn people into paying customers.
    • These offers include free trials, product demos, meetings/consultations, coupons, estimates and quotations/proposals, etc.

Step 3: Set SMART Goals

You know who you want to target, you know what you want to offer, but what goals are you looking to achieve? Are you looking to increase awareness, generate more leads, or get more registrations or members? Whatever the case, make sure your goals can easily be measured, compared, and analyzed from start to finish of your campaign.

When creating goals for your campaign, make sure you are setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound Goals. This system helps you clearly create and outline concrete goals that can be analyzed come campaign end.

Step 4: Map Out Agenda / Timeline

Every campaign and every company will have a unique timeline, but think about how you are going to execute your campaign to maximize it’s impact. General campaigns typically run for 30 to 90 days, so brainstorm where you are going to place your offers, and your promotional pieces. This timeline can be shortened or stretched to suit your needs. A more complex topic may take longer than a straightforward campaign.

Mapping out your agenda only helps keep your campaign organized and your plan in place. It also helps you stay on top of things and analyze your campaign with ease throughout it’s launch.


There you have it! The 4 components that make up the initial stages of setting up an inbound campaign. Begin planning out your inbound campaign and stay tuned for our upcoming strategies, and expert tips on how to execute and promote your inbound campaign!

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