Why You Need Video Content For Your Business


Lights. Camera. Action!

It’s time to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Why? Because it’s trending, effective and valuable to your audience. Video is far better at telling a story than text-based content as it allows you to deeply connect, convert and nurture leads.

Top Reasons You Want Video

  1. SEO Benefits

All content has the potential to be seen by Google but a video claims its presence as a       quality piece of content. It sends the message that your site is full of rich, relevant media. Search engines will continue loving the fact that you have this content and boost your ranking. Use keywords in your labels and descriptions of the video (in titles, tags etc.)

According to Forrester Research it is 50x easier to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google with a video.


  1. High Attention Span

Videos capture attention. This is what you want. Having a great video in your email, website or landing page will increase the attention span of your audience. This gives you a chance to be heard and deliver your message.

  1. Engagement Rates Increase

When you are creating your content calendar you must include video. Visual content drives engagement. In fact, just one month after the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands, visual content — photos and videos — saw a 65% increase in engagement. (Source: Simply Measured)

  1. Greater Analytic Opportunities

Videos have a feedback loop built into them. This allows you to know what the viewer saw when they dropped off and if they rewound to enjoy it again. With this kind of information you can analyze, improve and implement better and better video content for your audience

  1. Higher Retention Rates

If over 60% of people watch 75% of a video then that is a high retention rate. Using this knowledge, you can create videos that capture attention from beginning to end. This is a clear statement that people love videos over other types of content.

  1. Email Boost

According to Hubspot, placing a video in an email will increase the click-through rate by 200-300%. If you want to increase conversions, your brand awareness or inform your audience, you need to add video to emails. The statistics are overwhelmingly in favour of doing so.

  1. SO Easy!

Remember when video used to take forever to make, edit and download. Not anymore. From uploading and filming with your phone to hiring affordable videographers, investing is easier than ever.


  1. Entertaining

Emotions, whether funny, sad or motivational can all be emitted through videos. This is where the magic happens. Using your creativity and story-telling skills, you can really capture a ready audience with your work. Text can’t use expressions or music or even the colours that video can. Let your imagination run wild.


  1. Increased Customer Conversion Rates

A very important, possibly the most, is having video generates a higher conversion rate of customers.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that camera, prep the lights and get filming. Whether you’re the star or director it will have a huge impact on your audience reach and enjoyment. Get rolling!