You Need a New Website If…


When is it time to update your website? It’s 2016 and your website started when your business did – years ago. Are you guilty of hand making a website when you opened your business and then never, ever checking on it?

This is a disaster for your public image! Sorry to be so harsh – but it’s true.
Considering the vast amount of people online you have to spend the time, money and effort on creating a valuable, gorgeous and modern website. It’s time.

Now, you can argue with me that your website is totally fine and that you’d be better off spending that time and money somewhere else – but check the following facts and get back to the part where I said – It’s time…

When did you last update it?

Technology changes rapidly, and while you don’t have to redo your website yearly it does need to be younger than three years old. Customers expect and demand a user-friendly, modern design with current information. They aren’t shying away from websites – the opposite – they are flocking to yours. Don’t get caught with your pants down.


Does your website reflect your current contact info, events or a list of services you offer. Can people truly grasp what you are all about with the content on your website? You should look at your site with fresh eyes and ask yourself if it explains your business the way you want to be understood.

You Don’t Know What SEO Stands For

The major reason you have a website is to lure people to it. BUT they won’t find your new or old site if you haven’t Search Engine Optimized it. You may as well not even bother if you aren’t making it easier for Google to find and trust you. Simple stuff like using targeted keywords, having them in your title tag and meta tag and even pics will help search engines find you.  SEO Basics.


Your Design Hurts People’s Eyes and Feelings

There are so many ways to be outdated on your website that it hurts. Do you want people to think you don’t have a clue? Nope. You want them to think you’ve got it together like you do in your business. But your website is a direct reflection on your business.


People come to your site and leave at a high rate. They aren’t impressed so they go. A user wants to get to your website and find – rather quickly – what they are looking for. Don’t make them dig around or move from one page to the next. No one has time for that. Guaranteed they will go somewhere else to find what they’re looking for. When you update your site, focus on simplicity and ease of use.


Super Slow To Load

If your site takes longer than 5 seconds to load or is difficult to lose people will not stay. People want less than a 2 second load time. If you have big pictures that aren’t optimized this is likely the cause.


 You’ve Revamped Your Brand and Forgot to Update Your Website With It

Imagine you’ve spent all this time working on your brand and making it stand out but you left this breaking news off of your website. Now someone goes to your website and sees an old version of your business and thinks hmmm…these guys don’t have it much together. Even if you haven’t updated your brand you have current events and information that people want and expect to see.

Not Mobile Friendly

I’m looking you your website on my phone and I can’t see it very well. I have to zoom in, focus and am flat out annoyed. Bounce. Part of updating your website is making it responsive – meaning it looks the same on all devices. It’s a thing.

 Content Control

Do you have access to your content and can you manage it without a web developer? Having a good, updated content management system means you will be up to date and be able to offer your customers a better experience.

In conclusion, you must consider how your website influences customers decisions to purchase. Most people are online and that isn’t going to change. So use your resources and build the greatest website for your business and watch the magic happen.