Advertising on Social Media


Social Media has become one of the biggest, most popular, and most efficient ways to advertise over the last couple of years for businesses, and there is no sign that will slow down just yet.

But how do you effectively advertise on social media?

Here are some of the best ways and tips to promote you, your business, and content across today’s most popular social media channels:

Share it at the Right Time:

Seek out the times your target audience is most likely to be on social media so you can make the most out of your posts and reach the highest amount of traffic. Hootsuite is a website that allows you to stockpile and pre-schedule your posts for when you want them to be released.

Don’t be Afraid to Repost:

Social media is full of people, and companies that follow hundreds and sometimes thousands of other accounts. This makes it difficult for your content to be seen and not skipped over. Therefore posting multiple times only ensures that your information has a higher chance to be seen and gets your message to your targeted audience. But be careful not to over use the same message, so either rotate or tweak your ads to keep them fresh and exciting.

More Images, Less Text:

Whether it’s a tweet, or Facebook post, using visuals gets you more engagement, more interactions, and therefore lets it be seen by a wider audience. Think about deleting that paragraph of text and transforming it into an awesome infographic. Canva is a great website where you can create custom photos for events, blog posts, headers, and more that are suitable for all social media channels.

Rotate Your Ads Frequently

It takes multiple efforts for a business to hammer home the message to their key consumer, but when it comes to advertising on social media, having new and fresh content is they key. A general guide line is to rotate business ads every 4-5 days to ensure you’re catching people’s attention and not being overlooked.

Keep Mobile in Mind: 

In a world of smartphones, most social media sites and pages are viewed on cellphones so it is important to make sure your business ads are mobile friendly and look good on a pocket sized screen.

Target the Right Platforms:

As a business it is vital to know your ideal consumer like the back of your hand and know what social media sites they are bound to use. You don’t want to be sharing your content on a social media platform that your audience isn’t even on – that’s just a recipe for disaster. Therefore research, research, and do more research to make sure you’re advertising on the right sites.

Integrate Other Platforms:

Using multiple platforms gives your message(s) a higher chance to be seen, and increases your brand reach.

Have a Blog:

Blogging allows your company to have a voice and promote/generate content that your target audience will find appealing. And the best part is you can keep your company top of mind with your consumers without selling anything.The goal here is to build the relationships and generate interesting content for your customers to keep coming back for.

Be Consistent:

Sending out a post a day, or a couple a week isn’t going to get the job done. To be successful with social media advertising it is crucial that you maintain a consistent presence. Not every post has to be you promoting your business, it can be retweeting, liking, commenting on others posts, or even handling customer complaints.

Paying Isn’t a Bad Thing:

Paying for your posts to be promoted or boosted is not a bad thing, it only helps your marketing efforts accelerate and become more visible for your audience.

Last but not least – TRACK YOUR ANALYTICS: 

Tracking your social media analytics not only helps you realize what your return is on all of the time and money you’re investing into it, but also where you’re your strengths and weaknesses are. In Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights you can track the engagement rate, impressions, link clicks, profile visits and more all from your posts. It provides a quick summarized report which then you can use to your advantage to become more successful.

Successfully advertising and marketing your business on social media can be a difficult thing to accomplish, but with these tips you’re bound for great results.

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