Email List Building Techniques


While email marketing may be thought of as the old, bland and stale communication method compared to social media, it is by no means that. And all of the people shouting from the rooftops that “Email is dead and not worth it!” are simply mistaken and without a doubt hurting their own business.

Remember, just because you have fans and followers on your social media networks doesn’t mean you can actually reach them, and get your message across. But with an email list, you have the ability to put your message directly in your subscriber’s inbox.

Email marketing is the most direct and effective approach for interacting with your consumers, and nurturing your leads into sales ready customers.

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Email lists are essentially your contact data base, it is all the people you’re going to be sending out your latest promotions, offers, news, and much more to.

By now you probably get the point – Email lists are important, and your business needs one, and now you’re probably wondering how do you actually get people onto your email list.

Growing your email list is easier said than done, which is why we used our marketing expertise and complied a list of strategies and techniques to help your business begin growing its email list.

The Top List Building Techniques:


Love them or hate them, pop-ups work. As disruptive and annoying as they can sometimes be, pop-ups get viewers attention and put call to actions front and centre. There is simply no missing them and readers will 99% of the time read the pop-up before closing it. Using captivating design, catchy headlines, and irresistible offers will help you drastically convert your website visitors into subscribers, and build your email list. In fact, using pop ups alone will generally double the amount of email subscribers.

Here are some of the good, the bad, and the ugly examples of pop up ads:

Opt Ins

Content upgrades are a great way to grow your email list. Content offers, also known as opt ins, lead magnets, or bribe-to-subscribe offers — provide immediate, tangible, and concrete value to your subscribers. The principle behind an opt-in is fairly simple: You give away free material that will resonate with your viewers and find value in, and in return you get information such as their name and email. This free content could be how-to guides, reports, webinars, white papers, e-courses, or even discounts and coupons.The ultimate goal of your opt-in content is to improve your subscriber’s life by solving a problem they are facing. Using opt-in techniques is a great way to grow your email list as it uses targeted information to attract your readers and entice them to receive the free awesome resources you’re dishing out.

Blog Subscriptions

Having a blog does wonders for your business. It not only helps grow your email list, but also increases your site traffic and the amount of customers you have. A blog also gives you a spot to place your content offers and other opt in forms. Having a blog subscription allows users to opt in to your upcoming blogs and have a chance to opt in other offers. This essentially gives you double the chance of growing your email list.


The more you engage your visitors, customers, and readers, the more likely they are to sign up and subscribe to your company. A contest or giveaway prize is a fool-proof method to grow your email list, but you don’t want just anybody on your email list. To avoid getting people who are freebie junkies with no actual interest in buying your product or services, your contest / giveaway has to be something only your potential customers would want. For example, a clothing company could give away a free iPad which would be awesome and get a ton of contestants but get no real customers in return. Instead they could give out a $200 gift card to their store and attract those customers who already are interested in their company. Contests and giveaways are a for sure way to grow your email list, but only work effectively if they are targeted towards your customers.

Promoting on Social Media

Social media seems to be the key for everything these days doesn’t it? Well it is in fact another way to grow your email list. Promoting your business, your promotions, or even your awesome ebooks and white papers all over twitter and Facebook is a great way to turn your social media followers into company subscribers. Using social media will help drive users to your website where they can then explore all of your irresistible offers and downloads which will persuade them to give you their email. Using social media is an essential component for business these days, and is a necessary component if you want to grow your email list.

Now that you know how to create and build up all of your email lists, begin to learn how you can make the most out of them with an email campaign!

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