Email Is More Than Just Newsletters


When you think of email marketing, what do you think of? Do you think about companies sending you spam, too many product updates and basically everything that ends up in your junk folder? Or, do you have a better understanding of email marketing, and know a little about email newsletters, sent out by companies to update their audience with their seasonal promotions or plans? While these are types of email marketing – there is so much more than just generic monthly newsletters. It’s a chance for companies to connect with their audience on a personal level, and a way for them to find out who is really listening to them.

Here are some great tips you need to know before you start email marketing, that will help you maximize your readership.

What Is An Email Newsletter?

First, let’s talk about what an Email Newsletter is. They are a way to communicate with your customer, generate new leads, and gain top of mind status with your audience. While these points seem appealing, they can often lead you into the treacherous “Graymail” territory. Graymail is something that occurs when people have subscribed to your mailing list, but don’t necessarily want to receive any emails. This can lead to your emails piling up in a customer’s junk folder and can be a waste of your time. Don’t worry though, email newsletters aren’t the only way to reach your customers, and there are ways to find out who is reading your emails and who isn’t, which will prevent Graymail and unqualified leads.

Know Your Target

To see the benefits of email marketing, you need to know who is reading what you are sending. You should categorize your mailing lists into specific segments of people who are interested in the topic your email is discussing. This will ensure your emails are being sent to qualified leads, and will reduce Graymail. Surveys can be added to emails to determine who is engaged, and give you the opportunity to send a Thank You Email (we’ll get to these later).

Welcome New Prospects

A Welcome Email is one of the most important components when gaining new leads. It sets the tone for your relationship with the customer, and should provide information to anyone who has signed up for a newsletter or content offer on your website. A Welcome Email is similar to a Thank You email, but it should include the specifics of your brand, and what you’re offering. Add a spin on a generic “Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter!” email, and showcase your personality and explain what you’re all about. This could be your customers first impression of you, so make sure it’s strong.

Always Say Thank You

Thank You Emails let your customers know you see them, and value them. Send an Thank You Email whenever possible! New subscriber, someone downloaded your free e-book, your content offer was unlocked – there are so many chances for you to reach out to your customers, and by saying thank you, your nurturing your lead and moving them through your sales funnel. Another type of Thank You Email is a “Kickback Email,” that can be set to send after an online form is filled out. This can be done whenever a guide is downloaded or a product is purchased. Another great addition to your website is a “Thank You for Applying,” kickback, if you promote job postings online. If an email is sent after a prospect downloads an eBook, it’s a good idea to include a hyperlink that can be used to access the guide in the future, or on any device.

By sending these emails you become top of mind for your customer, and you give them a resource to go back to if they need it. You never want a customer to forget about you, sending thank you emails will prevent that.

Nurture Your Leads

Lead Nurturing Campaigns – develop relationships with prospects throughout the sales funnel, and base marketing and communications around listening to the prospects needs, giving them answers and information they are looking for. It is important to send Lead Nurturing emails to coincide with your lead nurturing campaigns, relating the email back to products, services and topics they are interested in. A lead nurturing email should be personalized, and the timing must be perfect. You want to give your customers what they are looking for, exactly when they’re looking for it to be the most effective.

Product Updates + New Content

Emails promoting new products can be difficult to master. They often end up in a junk folder, and are not as engaging as other forms of promotion emails (i.e.: coupons, content offers). Product updates should focus on the new product, or updated feature and need to be straight to the point. By showcasing the product through images rather than a wordy email, your customers will be able to see the benefits instead of reading about the features. Including buttons in the email your customer can easily access your products or services, and gives them a clear call the action. New Content Emails will announce any upcoming content, from webinars to free trials. You will want your marketing offer to go hand-in-hand with a call-to-action that leads customers to the offer. Your copy should be brief, but should clearly describe what you are offering. Buttons are a perfect addition here too, since your copy will be a little heavier in a Content email vs. a Product update.

Reward Your Readers

Now that we know who is reading your emails, we want to make sure they keep reading. Adding coupons to your emails reassure your customers that you appreciate their business and don’t want to lose them as a customer. An added bonus to digital coupons opposed to mail-outs is they cut printing costs for your business and can be easily shared by your customers – word of mouth marketing is a huge plus. With these tips, you can change the way you interact with prospects online. From sending newsletters that get lost in the spam folder, to constructing the perfect Thank You Kickback to send to your prospects – you will make lasting connections with your customers and gain the rewards.