Email is Alive, So Use It Wisely with These Email Marketing Tips


If you’ve ever feared that email is dead, rest assured it’s alive and well. Use these email marketing tips to increase your reach and grow your email list. Content is King so invest in quality, must-read content. You want readers who will be engaged and sharing your work.

Speaking of sharing, include sharing buttons in your marketing emails. They may know a friend who would resonate with your email, so make it easy for them to deliver.


Hold a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes, in return for an email address. Don’t forget to tweet about it!

  1.  Create a target list of people who should receive a specific email. Studies show that you’ll increase the chance that visitors will open them if it’s something they’re interested in.
  2.  Include a link in your email signature to your landing page that encourages them to sign up for an offer you’re hosting.
  3.  Create a free eBook that requires visitors to give their email address in order to get the download.
  4.  Promote an offer on your Facebook Page that requires an email address. Don’t forget to put it on your timeline and use social sharing to spread the word.
  5.  Include call to action buttons on your blog posts and Facebook Business page, and website pages. Make them easy to find.
  6.  Team up with a partner and host a webinar or e-Book. Trade leads generated from both of your audiences.
  7.  Doing a trade show or outside event? Have a clipboard ready to gather emails for a prize or giveaway.