Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile Revolution?


We all know how much everyone is glued to their phones. But did you know the average consumer is online with their mobile device 150x per day? We’re living in a mobile revolution where our phones can do anything, search anything, and give us an answer to any one of our questions in seconds.

This means it is necessary for your business to have an online presence and make sure consumers can search you, find you, and easily access your website on their mobile device.

Is your business and your website ready for the mobile revolution?

Mobile Revolution

Making Sure Your Business is Prepared for the Mobile Revolution:

The average consumer checks their phone 150x a day

87% of millennials say their phone never leaves their side

50% of consumers use smartphones as their primary device

I know what you’re thinking, crazy right? But what do these stats actually mean for your business? It means you have to put your business exactly where your customers are – online.

This means having a social media strategy, having the ability to be found on Google, ranking for keywords, and more. You need to be active online, attract your customers, and have enticing call to actions to convert them.


40% of Consumers will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website. Having a slow website is not only bad on the consumer end, but also the search engine optimization (SEO) side. Meaning, it can cause your website to rank lower on the search engine results, resulting in lower traffic, lower conversions, and less customers. Here are some easy areas to look at to help improve your sites speed

  • Images: Make sure all your images have alt tags. These tags are simply descriptions or titles of the picture that not only help improve your search engine ranking, but also increases your sites speed. Another easy way to increase speed is to reduce / compress all images on your website. Don’t worry it won’t affect the quality, just make the file smaller so your website is able to make them load faster.
  • Be aware of plugins: Too many plugins can cause your website to become sluggish. Also, not regularly updating your plugins can cause your website to crash, and become slow. Try to weed out unnecessary plugins to improve your sites speed.

82% of Consumers search for local businesses online

Is your business easily found on the search engines? If not, look here to see how you can get your business registered on Google in 2 minutes (don’t worry it’s free)

75% of mobile conversions take place within the first hour of a search

As soon as someone realizes they have a problem, 99% (94% to be exact) of the time they will take it to Google and search for a solution. This is where it is crucial to understand your customer and their pain points, and what they would be searching for so you can rank for it. Having an SEO strategy, and Ad Words campaign can make all the difference for your business – especially when 85% of buying decisions are made online. Grab your free snapshot below to find out how your business is performing online.