Blogging for Your Business


Why should you be blogging for your business? Aren’t blogs just for sharing your diary online, or creating memories for your kids?Well, yes. But.

Blogs are a way to communicate with the world in a personal way, but also a way for businesses to be seen.
Businesses need to be blogging.

According to Hub Spot “Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.”
That’s a pretty big deal.
Why Blog?
1.Raising awareness of your brand: the more you blog the more times search engines find you.
2. Seeing more traffic to your site: having compelling content drives people to your site and keeps them coming back.
3. Conversations get started on blogs: being open to comments gives you an inside look to your customer’s personas.
4. You become a trusted voice of your brand: writing factual and expert content makes you a source for information.
5. You also become an authority in your field: the more you share, the more people will continue to trust your knowledge.

Benefits of Blogging

1. Easy to start and update your site’s content: most blogs are free to start or part of your website features.
2. You own the media and can feature your brand: you are the owner of all your content, and it’s in one easy to access place.
3. The voice of your company is developed: be consistent and unique in your writing voice.
4. You can write and publish content in real time: keep your audience informed and updated with the latest news your company needs to share.
5. Blogs support a variety of media such as videos and graphics: a great way to be visually pleasing to your audience.
6. A place for prospects to find you: attract those visitors with fantastic content.

With all these reasons to blog go have fun starting your own or updating the one you already started, and watch your business grow.

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