Automating Your Sales


Automating your sales is not only a total game changer, but a must for your business. Sales automation cuts down all the tedious tasks and gives your sales team more time to be actually selling. By integrating automation and other software tools into your sales team, your results will sky rocket and you’ll be able to close more deals.

What is Sales Automation:

Sales Automation is a type of software program that automates certain business tasks such as email communication, customer interactions, lead generation and sorting, and workflow management just to name a few.

The power of automating your sales is incredible. Let the technology do the hard grunt work and let your sales team reap the rewards.

What to Automate:

  • Emails:

Think of how much time you would save if you didn’t have to email your clients one by one. Automating your emails let’s you pre-draft your content in advance and schedule it to send out at your desired time. Whether it is a follow up email, a download to a requested eBook, or even a general reminder email, it can be automated. Automating your emails is a no brainer and will give your sales team more time to spend with customers and selling, instead of spending hours at a desktop drafting emails.

  • Leads:

Sitting down and analyzing a list of leads and deciding who to dial up first takes too much time and too much energy. By using sales automation, you can prioritize leads based on their lead score or even assign leads to designated sales members. A lead score ranks your prospects based on perceived values of your company from given factors you wish to analyze and rank. Some things you could sort and rank your leads on are: time spent on your website, amount of pages clicked, forms filled out, emails sent, or even the type of products or services they are looking at – and yes this can all be automatically tracked. Whatever categories and filters your company chooses, you decide if they are weighted differently or the same. Sales automation not only gives you complete control and customization of your lead list, but also drastically saves you time.

  • Lists:

Building lists for your leads is a must. After you automate your sales, you can now sort your leads into specified lists for your company. You could sort your leads based on the industry they work in, where they are in the buying process, or even by a trade show you picked them up from. Another benefit from building a list for your leads is that you can now communicate with each list differently. For example, you could send an email to one list, and a different email to another. Something one list might find useful or interesting may not be the same for another. Building a list for your leads is an essential part of having an organized contact database, and sales automation lets you do that without breaking a sweat.

  • Calls:

Depending on the software, you can automatically track and log your calls and place them into your CRM strategy. No more trying to read messy hand written notes from phone calls, or flipping through notebooks trying to find week old conversations. Instead. automate your calls to help you organize your contact conversations and eliminate the hassle of manually logging your calls.

Most Popular Automation Softwares: