Analyzing Your Inbound Marketing Campaign


No matter how amazing your campaign is, you still need to monitor it to identify areas for improvement, and for opportunities of even greater success.

With all the free, awesome tracking and analyzation tools out there, it has never been easier to analyze one of your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Monitoring and Analyzing Your Campaigns:

  • Dig deeper and see how things are actually performing
  • Discover what’s working and what isn’t
  • Understand what channels are working effectively on your target audience

Key Topics to Analyze from Your Inbound Campaign:


Taking a Deeper Dive into the Key Segments 

Blog & Website

Your blog and website go hand in hand. You need to know where your visitors are coming from (referral traffic) and where exactly they are going on your website or from your blog posts (page views). Analyzing these metrics will help you understand what exactly is attracting visitors attention, and maybe why some pages are seeing more traffic than others.

Another important reason to track and analyze your website and blog of your inbound campaign is to identify how effective your offers are working. From your website, you can measure how many forms have been filled out, how many content offers have been downloaded, or how many leads are converting into paying customers.

Another thing to inspect from your website, is how effective your keywords and SEO are performing. If you have a marketing automation software *insert link* you can track what exactly is being searched to find your company, and where you are ranking in the search engines. 

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From analyzing your website and other channels, you can see how many email addresses you are capturing and how many leads you are generating. Tracking this metric is the most helpful when it comes to discovering how many new leads your campaign has generated.

Taking the time to inspect your email list can also help you discover where certain leads are in their buying journey. This analysis then transforms into each lead having a certain score which then helps you map out what content you need to provide to bring them further down the sales funnel.

When evaluating the performance of your emails, it is important to take the time to look at the little things. This means looking at how many of your emails actually reach people’s inboxes versus how many emails you actually send out, known as your delivery rate and bounce rate. Analyzing your subject lines, is also an important factor. Knowing what works to get your readers attention and what doesn’t is a critical part of getting your message across to your leads. You can also measure how well your call to actions are performing. Are certain words, or even colours of buttons performing differently than others? Test out different variations, and measure the results to find out the most successful method of getting your readers to take action.

All of these small email metrics add up to a bigger picture, and that picture is how well you are connecting with your leads. Measuring these areas of the email part of your campaign simply can’t be ignored, and is a must for measuring the success of your inbound campaign.

Social Media

Analyzing your social media will be the deciding factor in whether you are successful or not. Luckily, with all of the free tracking and measuring tools out there, analyzing your social media is a breeze. Some social media platforms even have their own built in analytic tools to help you break down your profile right from their site.

Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other platform, these are the general key areas you will want to focus on and analyze: 

  • Engagement Rate
  • Likes, Retweets, Comments
  • Conversations / Direct Messages
  • New Connections
  • Link Clicks


Now you know what to measure, what do you use to measure and track your campaigns? 

Here are The Top Tracking Tools to Help Take Your Inbound Campaign to the Next Level: 

Begin tracking and analyzing your campaign so you can take it to the next level!