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The stats don’t lie – marketing automation is becoming more popular than coffee in the workplace. 

I know, hard to believe right, I mean who doesn’t love coffee? But a recent study found that over 50% of companies have integrated marketing automation into their marketing strategy and only 39% of people drink coffee at work. 

The million dollar question? Why. What is all the hype about marketing automation and why are so many people getting into it? Here’s why: 


Lead Nurturing & Targeted Email 

Fun Fact: Best-in-class companies are twice as likely to use lead nurturing campaigns than less successful companies (68-27%). Through marketing automation, businesses are able to carefully nurture leads and effectively time their email blasts to maximize their chances for conversion. The best marketing automation campaigns send out emails that engage leads in a natural way, by appealing to interests, buying power, and specific industry.

In recent years, email servers have made it harder for us marketers to land in the inbox; even with the most relevant and personalized emails. But thanks to some marketing automation software like SharpSpring, a built in package is included to help digital marketers to get into the inbox.

SharpSpring and other marketing automation tools allow you to precisely time your email blasts, or even set them up in a drip format to send out based on a users actions. Can it get any better than that? With marketing automation and timely email efforts, your emails chances of being seen, read, clicked on, and even acted upon skyrocket.

With Data Comes Power

The age of information has given marketers an endless amount of data that they can use to create accurate and relevant marketing communications for their leads. But imagine this: You’re trying to sell to somebody you have no idea about, and you’re surprised you’re not getting the results you thought you’d get. For some, this happens way to often enough and can be a very challenging, and time consuming barrier to overcome.

That’s where marketing automation steps in and breaks down that barrier. Marketing automation presents the easiest way to give you access to your leads, prospects, and customers information that you need to make a sale, stay in touch, or find out where they are in the buying cycle.

These are only a few of things you can discover / track from your leads, prospects, or customers by using marketing automation:

  • What products / services they are interested in
  • What pages they visit on your website
  • What emails they open or links they click on
  • Call tracking data

These points are just a taste of the absurd amount of data that marketing automation tools can track – which is why over half of businesses already are realizing that if they want to turn their data base of leads, prospects, and customers into gold mines, marketing automation is the premier tool to achieve that goal.

It’s More Effective

Agencies and businesses that use marketing automation are able to manage their time and staff more effectively.

By automating repetitive tasks such as sending out nurture communications, monitoring prospects, leads and sales, and identifying which leads are ready to buy and which aren’t, marketing automation allows users to focus on important tasks that can’t be automated.

Automation gives you the ability spend more time in tasks that not only need more attention, but the ones you wish you had more time for, such as planning, creating content or developing new lead generation & marketing strategies.

Marketing automation also eliminates the feeling many customers face of just feeling like a number or a sale to a company. Marketing automation is personal, timely, and targeted, which is why it is so effective.

Discover the Hype for Yourself

Isn’t it time you put down the coffee and pick up marketing automation? Marketing automation is the new thing in business that everybody is craving after all.

Click the image below to fill out the form and begin your SharpSpring free trial! 

SharpSpring allows users to send personalized emails to customers, set up dynamic blogs, landing pages, forms, and the ability to track and score leads based on behaviour and a full spread of analytics, and more! If you want to learn more about SharpSpring’s features check out their full list here, or jump in with both feet and begin your free 15 day SharpSpring trail: What better way to learn all the power of SharpSpring than testing it out for free?


When you think of email marketing, what do you think of? Do you think about companies sending you spam, too many product updates and basically everything that ends up in your junk folder? Or, do you have a better understanding of email marketing, and know a little about email newsletters, sent out by companies to update their audience with their seasonal promotions or plans? While these are types of email marketing – there is so much more than just generic monthly newsletters. It’s a chance for companies to connect with their audience on a personal level, and a way for them to find out who is really listening to them.

You have carefully crafted an email marketing campaign; you have your timeline set, your content created, your posts scheduled, and every aspect of the campaign has been double and triple checked. You’re off to a great start – but there is still more to know to guarantee your campaign will be a success and reach its desired audience. Think of this as your guide to monitor the success of your campaign throughout the process, and use this as your checklist to make sure you have your ducks in a row before your first marketing email goes out.

Email marketing. It’s accessible to virtually everyone, it’s cost effective, measurable and targeted, and it’s something your business needs in 2017. Not to mention, email marketing easily links to your social media accounts, helping you build and grow your online presence. With automation tools (we love SharpSpring), it has never been easier to create simple and effective email templates that you can use repeatedly. SharpSpring is completely customizable and you can really make each email your own, sticking with your brand’s personality. You can also schedule your posts to come out whenever you’d like, and have the option to test the email before it goes out to the mailing list. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Who is the king of webmail? Is there even a king? With so many different email platforms out there all offering something unique, it’s difficult to distinguish a real winner.

This challenge prompted us to research and compile a guide on today’s most popular email platforms, and determine if there is indeed a king of email.

While email marketing may be thought of as the old, bland and stale communication method compared to social media, it is by no means that. And all of the people shouting from the rooftops that “Email is dead and not worth it!” are simply mistaken and without a doubt hurting their own business.

Remember, just because you have fans and followers on your social media networks doesn’t mean you can actually reach them, and get your message across. But with an email list, you have the ability to put your message directly in your subscriber’s inbox.

Is email marketing still worth it? It’s a question that has been debated over the last couple of years with the rapid growth of social media and technology completely changing the way businesses go about their marketing.

The answer to the question? YES. Email marketing is alive and is still one of, if not the most effective ways to market your business.

To be successful in email marketing, you need to create email lists. Creating email lists is one of the best things you can do for your business!